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Category: Finance

Still Seeking Beta?

  • Noviscient
There were many surprises for us at the start of 2020.  The halt to life as we knew it, with contrary and questionable statistics, bringing the light the need for clear, reliable data. The impact…

Diversification Matters

Even before Burton Malkiel popularised the term in 1973, investors had begun taking random walks and applying other theories supporting diversification of their portfolios.  Yet today, the investment…

Accessing Alpha

  • Noviscient
Investors have three ways to generate returns in tradable markets. Invest in deposits or government bonds to earn a risk-free rate of return (time value of money); Take on various market and factor risks…

Webinar – January 2019

We’ve organized our first webinar in January 2019. During this webinar, our founder Scott Treloar discusses the benefits of working with as an Alpha Partner, how to get started  and how you can…

The hedge fund industry is broken

The traditional hedge fund model is no longer working. Performance is poor. Costs are high. Alignment is low. It needs to change. The three forces driving this need for change are: Increasing costs as…